Zelda Cover Plates for New 3DS get European Release Date (Feb 27th)

Nintendo have revealed that the New Nintendo 3DS Zelda themed cover plates will be launching in Europe from February 27th 2015.

Zelda Cover Plates Europe New 3DS

Despite having already been announced in Japan and the Majora’s Mask cover plate being featured on Nintendo UK’s website, European New 3DS owners have heard little news about the two Zelda cover plates pictured above. That is, until now.

Thanks to a tweet by Nintendo of Germany, fans can rest assured that these two stunning Zelda cover plates are in fact heading to Europe and will be available from February 27th 2015.

Forming part of the Cover Plate Collection, the European plates are labelled as No. 023 and No. 24 in the series. This is much earlier than their Japanese counterparts (No. 055 and No. 056) and could mean that earlier cover plates may be region exclusives.

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