Xenoblade Cover Plates announced for New Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo have revealed a new set of Xenoblade themed cover plates for their New Nintendo 3DS. The Xenoblade cover plates are set to be released in Japan on April 2nd, 2015.

Xenoblade Cover Plates for New Nintendo 3DS

Coming in at No. 059 in the Japanese cover plate collection, these Xenoblade cover plates look absolutely fantastic. They are due to launch alongside Xenoblade Chronicles 3D in Japan on April 2nd and will set back fans around 2,000円 (approx. $17 or £11).

Nintendo have not announced a European release yet, but following their current trend with cover plates (such as the Zelda themed ones) it’s more than likely they’ll arrive at some point shortly after. For non-EU fans who want to get their hands on the Xenoblade cover plates, we’d recommend heading over to PlayAsia once pre-orders become available.


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