The legend of Zelda Wii U Open World

Zelda Wii U’s world will fully utilise the Wii U hardware


According to Eiji Aonuma, the size of Zelda Wii U’s world will be as large as can be realised with Wii U hardware. The upcoming Zelda title will offer a vast open world which player’s can explore seamlessly. In a recent interview for Gamereactor Magazine, Legend of Zelda series producer… READ MORE

amiibo cards

Nintendo confirm card based amiibo for 2015


Nintendo have confirmed that their amiibo figures will also be available in card-format. The amiibo cards are set to be released at some point during 2015. Back in December, Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that Nintendo were considering amiibo cards as a replacement for discontinued amiibo figures. Now, thanks… READ MORE

Nintendo amiibo figures

Amiibo set to unlock playable NES & SNES samples in 2015


Nintendo amiibo figures will soon be able to unlock playable samples of classic NES and Super NES titles on the Wii U. The news was revealed during Nintendo’s March 2015 financial results briefing. Nintendo are planning to release a free downloadable Wii U app later this year,… READ MORE